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Dr. Jane Catania, DACM

logoimg Preferred Provider of Sloan Kettering

Dry Needling

Dry needling, also known as myofascial trigger point dry needling or intramuscular stimulation (IMS) is mainly used to treat myofascial trigger points. It is also used to target connective tissue, neural ailments, and muscular ailments.

Both acupuncture and dry needling provoke the trigger points, which is a direct and detectable source of patient pain. There are many similarities between published locations of trigger points and classical acupuncture points for the relief of pain. Dry needling, and its treatment techniques and desired effects, would be mostly directly comparable to the use of “a-shi” points in acupuncture. What distinguishes dry needling from traditional acupuncture is that it does not use the full range of traditional theories of Chinese Medicine, which is used to treat not only pain, but also other non-musculoskeletal issues that often cause pain.

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