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Dr. Jane Catania, DACM

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Lettuce Celebrate the Holidays!

Lettuce Celebrate the Holidays!

Holidays are a great time to relax, reconnect, and laugh with friends and family that you may not get to interact with that often. It’s a time for self-reflection, strengthening bonds, and giving to others in your community. The types of holidays vary depending on religion, interests, and many other factors… but one thing that remains consistent among these celebrated days throughout the year is food!
Family and friends come together to make and eat cultural dishes, try out new recipes, and stuff your face with treats that only come along one time a year.
Although food is a major source of energy for our bodies, even during the holidays we need to refrain for over-eating and consuming foods that do not provide much nutritional value. We all love to indulge in our favorite treats and goodies every now and then, but did you know there is another option? An alternative, that will satisfy our cravings and provide nutritional value to our bodies!

Herbs and Supplements! 

There is a plethora of herbs and supplements that I use to provide various health benefits. Do you over-eat? Over- drink? Do you eat very rich foods? Too many carbs?
Different herbs and supplements will help balance and regulate your cravings to maintain a healthy body from within.
“Inner health, creates outer beauty” -Jane Catania
Herb and Supplement benefits:
To find out about how acupuncture could also benefit you during the holiday season/throughout the year, check out my website or give me a call!
Dr. Jane Catania, DACM
Board Certified & Licensed Acupuncturist and Herbalist Trained in China & U.S.
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